You've found the new Airedale shop!

You can get to the current site HERE or paste the following into your browser address bar:

Why are we building a new site?

Well, that's a good question. We're re-building our site because as we've grown we have noticed that the current website doesn't display our lovely yarns and accessories in as nicer way as we would like. Another reason is that the site has become quite slow and isn't as friendly for mobile and tablet users as we'd like. The changes we are making will address these problems and will also allow us to grow our range without compromising your browsing experience

We have had lots of ideas for the site over the last couple of years (better content, good searching, yarn matching, wishlists, etc) , but haven't been able to make them a reality on the system we are currently using, once were done, we can do those things and much more!

We have had a lot of (positive) feedback about the look and feel of the current site, so we'll be keeping that as close as possible to how it is now.


Looking for gift ideas?

Here is a little something else we've been doing...

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